Writings from the Unabridged Rule of St Magdalene of Canossa

Charity Towards God

“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart.” Deuteronomy 6:5

“We owe God a tender, reverent, filial love.”
“Those who do not burn with love cannot start a fire”
“Let us animate all our actions and work with the Spirit of Jesus, the most loving, most generous and most patient Spirit.”
“Those who love are never tired, since love knows no burden”
“What a fire we would need to instruct, educate, and talk to our brothers and sisters!”
“It is right to love God’s will which is to be preferred to all our inclinations.”
“We have every reason to thank the Lord who, in his goodness, blesses our small efforts.”
“We must have a heart capable of loving very much: the way to obtain this treasure is to please God in all that we do.”
“The Divine mercy is our wealth.”
“The Lord listens to our prayer, even when He does not do what we want.”
“The Lord is rich and shows his great mercy.”
“The Goodness of God, in what He ordains for his creatures, is wisdom and mercy.”
“Let us always live in joy and run like giants towards perfection to please the Lord.”
“God guides the heart of men in his own way, so that his will may be accomplished.”
“Man’s heart can only be penetrated by God’s grace, and not by beautiful words.”

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