Writings from the Unabridged Rule of St Magdalene of Canossa

Charity towards Neighbor

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12:31

“Among all the virtues practiced by Jesus Crucified on the Cross, His love for those who are poor, miserable sinners, shines out in a special way.”
“Three branches of Charity are particularly contemplated in the Institute: the Charity Schools, Assistance at Christian Doctrine in the Parishes, and Visits to the Sick Women in the Hospitals.”
“As Servants of the Poor, we owe them our attention, labor, care and thoughts.”
“Nothing would be achieved in our neighbors when one is failing in the primary aim (love of God).”
“No matter how much we respond to the Lord, we always tarnish by our poverty His Divine Grace that passes through our hands to our Neighbors.”
“Imitating our Lord Jesus Christ in the interior and exterior virtues…by living a submitted, humble and hidden life, totally engaged in looking for the Divine Glory and the Salvation of Souls.

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