Writings from the Unabridged Rule of St Magdalene of Canossa

Spirit of Prayer

“Watch and pray at all times.” Luke 21:36

“Prayer and, again, prayer.”
“Prayer is the exercise by which the soul draws closer to the Lord. By thus learning to know Him, she becomes more disposed, and enkindled with the desire to love Him.”
“When we are really in need, our Father will see to everything.”
“The spirit of prayer is our support and consolation.”
“I am looking for the gift of prayer just as a miser looks for gold.”
“Our real spirit should be like that of a contemplative in the house and that of an apostle when we are outside.”
“Let us try to live as much as possible in the presence of God and do everything to please Him.”
“May our hearts be close, as much as possible, to our Lord and let us offer up our work frequently to Him.”
“Offer up to the Lord what you are doing frequently and with your heart.”
“Silence is the soul of any undertaking.”
“It is always necessary to pray for everything.”
“By our prayers, let us ask to know and do God’s will.”
“Prayer can do everything.”
“Let us pray and God will do the rest.”
“Let us continue to pray, so that our decisions may please the Lord.”
“Prayer can undoubtedly solve all problems and, for some of these, even words are helpful.”
“Pray and God will put everything right.”
“Let us pray, since God wants us to implore Him.”
“In order to keep the holy love of God in our hearts, it is necessary to have the spirit of prayer.”
“A spirit of prayer cannot stand without recollection; both of them must be supported by silence.”
“Our undertakings, even though they are well organized, always require much prayer.”
“Prayer does not deny God’s freedom, whenever he so wishes, to leave us with our crosses.”
“Let us pray so that the Lord, by his mercy and grace, may use us to make himself known and served.”
“Let us pray that the Lord may give us the strength to do his will in every situation.”
“Let us pray that the Lord may bless our little efforts and that we may collaborate with his grace so that it may bear much fruit.”

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